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FC TOPdesk is an incredible team which has been formed to take part of the Casema Open of 2007. Originally the team was named 'The Mean Machine', after the incredible movie starring Vinnie Jones (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0291341/). That year, they reached the 7th place in the final ranking.

In the 2008 edition of this tournament, the team managed to improve. They reached the 6th position that year. Hopefully, their achievements will keep improving.

Currently, the team is focusing on another tournament: The Antibarbari Open, in Rotterdam. This tournament is being held every year during the last week of April.

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Teamies: 16

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11-09-2018 16:58

Welkom bj de her-her-her start van FC TOPdesk! Dat we er maar een mooi jaar van mogen maken met veel prijzen!

25-04-2013 15:47

Welkom bij de herstart van de FC TOPdesk Teamwebs pagina!

27-03-2008 15:46

Please fill out your contact information so we can all call each other if necessary.

27-03-2008 14:53